CARAPACES: First DIY Origami Sculpture 3D Puzzle Game

I am a massive fan of LEGO; many of my home’s decorations are lego models. Building something from scratch and turning it into home decor is very satisfying. And there is always an incredible back story to share with my guests.

This is why we found the new Carapaces Puzzle game to be a really cool project. Carapaces is a 3D puzzle mixing puzzle, origami, and DYI sculptures. And unlike LEGO, you can build anything you can imagine with a single set – a bear, an igloo, or even King Kong!

Fun, Social, Responsible

At the heart of it, Carapaces is an origami-style puzzle. The game contains flat triangles clip together to form shapes and objects. And each triangle or object you create is inter-operable with every other triangle or object you create using this set. So the things you can build are limitless.

Carapaces is the perfect game to exercise your creative muscles. Building things with your partner makes for a really fun date date. Or a great way to spend a rainy afternoon with your kids. You can choose from three colors – White, Pink, and Anthracite. And all the pieces work perfectly with each other to make the perfect sculpture!

Unleash your inner Artist

You are only limited by your imagination for the things you can build. Animals. Buildings. Flowers. Monsters! You can build them all, or none!! You can always dismantle and rebuild the structure if you want to change the decor. The set comes with an instructional booklet guiding you to create six different models to get you started.

Get your Carapases set today.

You can get a Single pack for as little as 29 Euro (29 USD) for the early bird pricing. Or you can get a ten pack for 252 Euro (252 USD). The team is also considering other cool things like more colors, graphic stickers, and other swag depending on the campaign’s success.