Clean, Toss, Compost – TheShield Toilet Cleaner

Kickstart Your Clean Routine

You’re in your bathroom, armed with a toilet brush, ready to tackle the unpleasant task of cleaning. The problem? The brush itself may be harboring germs and bacteria from previous cleanings. It’s a common issue, but what if there was a revolutionary solution? Enter TheShield Toilet Cleaner, a game-changer in the world of toilet cleaning. As someone who values cleanliness and hygiene, I was intrigued by the promise of a toilet cleaner that never touches toilet water or waste.

Sanitary Cleaning for your Sanity

Traditional toilet brushes, with their sh*t-stained bristles, are far from hygienic. TheShield Toilet Cleaner introduces a two-part system with a “clean and toss” compostable sleeve, ensuring that the brush never comes in direct contact with toilet water or waste. The removable, compostable shield acts as a protective barrier, making the cleaning process not only more effective but also cleaner and greener. TheShield is a solution to the age-old problem of maintaining a sanitary environment in one of the most used spaces in your home.

Don’t just take our word for it

The positive feedback for TheShield Toilet Cleaner speaks volumes. Users like Lisa, Elizabeth, Mike, Brian A., and Liz M express their enthusiasm for this innovative approach to home cleaning. Having several prototypes and real people tried the product has gotten it to a version that will be perfect for your home. It’s tried, tested, and loved by many and all users.

Clean and Green

TheShield Toilet Cleaner also embraces environmental sustainability. The compostable materials used in the disposable shields/scrubbers align with the commitment to eco-friendly practices. The product’s longevity, avoiding the corrosive effects of waste matter, contributes to a reduction in waste. FutureClean, despite being a newcomer to Kickstarter, brings a wealth of experience in product design, testing, and manufacturing. Their partnership with a top home cleaning goods factory in China and their dedication to transparent communication add to further confidence in the product.

Clean, Toss, Compost- Get yours NOW!

TheShield Toilet Cleaner is not just a toilet brush; it’s a hygienic, innovative solution to a common problem. Its design, inspired by single-use products like doggy poop bags, Kleenex, and the Swiffer mop, sets it apart in the market. With endorsements from satisfied users and a commitment to sustainability, TheShield is poised to change the way we approach toilet cleaning.

As someone who values cleanliness and the environment, I’m excited about the prospect of a toilet cleaner that not only keeps my bathroom pristine but also aligns with my commitment to a greener lifestyle. Get yours as an Early Bird Special for $22, or 3 Cleaning Tools and 40 Shields for $66, and several other pledge options based on your need. Consider supporting TheShield Toilet Cleaner on Kickstarter – your bathroom will thank you!