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Clean your Teeth in 6 Seconds with UNOBRUSH

Over the course of a lifetime the average person will spend over 114,000 minutes, or 79 days brushing their teeth.  That’s a lot of time spent with your toothbrush.  Everyone wants a healthy mouth, but between bad brushing habits and the wrong toothbrush some of those hours can do more harm than good.

UNOBRUSH is a whole new take on oral hygiene that aims to end the reign of the bristled toothbrush.  It works by using their patent-pending UNOfoam to send pulsing sonic vibrations through every crevice of your mouth.

The process starts by biting down on the medical-grade sponge-like foam that’s attached to the mouthguard.  The unique cell structure of the UNOfoam conforms around each individual tooth and along the gum line.  Sonic vibrations are then sent through the micro-ridges embedded in the foam which simultaneously clean all your teeth at once.

6 seconds later 99.9% of the surfaces and crevices of your teeth are clean, according to the company.  A lifetime with an UNOBRUSH would save 75 days of your life.

The UNOBRUSH then slides into the included docking station, where it’s disinfected with UV light.

According to medical studies, UNOfoam material is as, or more effective than a traditional toothbrush.  That of course is only if you’re brushing for the full ADA recommended two minutes.  Being that most people brush for half that time the UNOBRUSH seems to have a significant advantage.

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A Danish startup, UNOBRUSH set out to answer a simple question:

The modern toothbrush looks almost identical to the first toothbrush invented in the 1400s. How had humans made no major advancements in something everyone uses twice a day?

The toothbrush was screaming for a 21st-century redesign, but progress doesn’t come instantly.  It took a few years of material evaluation and R&D research to get the UNOBRUSH to where it is today.

After several rounds of prototyping, they’re now raising money to manufacture the first round of UNOBRUSH units for the consumer market.

You can pre-order an UNOBRUSH of your own with a super early-bird pledge of $54 at their Kickstarter page.

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