Discover Eyewood: A New Era in Eyewear

As a nature enthusiast and fashion-conscious individual, I’ve always sought eyewear that marries my love for the outdoors with my personal style. When I discovered Eyewood, it was like finding a treasure trove of possibilities. The ability to choose from different frames and lenses resonated deeply with my desire for uniqueness. I opted for the round frame with solid photochromic lenses, a reflection of my free-spirited nature and my penchant for adaptability.

But what truly captivated me was the thought behind the design. The walnut wood’s earthy charm paired with the acetate’s modern durability struck a chord within me, symbolizing the harmony between nature and innovation. And with the added convenience of changing lenses at home, these glasses are bound to become an integral part of my everyday life, adapting seamlessly to my ever-changing activities.

A Journey into Nature and Innovation

Imagine stepping into the tranquil embrace of a Scandinavian forest, where the whispers of nature’s beauty blend seamlessly with cutting-edge design. It’s a journey that Zerpico, the creative minds behind Eyewood – Wooden & Acetate Sunglasses with Changeable Lenses, invites you to embark on. Eyewood – a harmonious fusion of walnut wood’s warmth and high-quality acetate’s durability, resulting in sunglasses that transcend the ordinary.

Crafting Elegance – Design Philosophy

The philosophy behind Eyewood is a testament to the balance between nature and human ingenuity. The walnut wood temples, meticulously carved and selected for their unique grain patterns, tell stories of the forests they originate from. These temples harmonize with the acetate front, renowned for its strength and flexibility, creating sunglasses that embrace both natural aesthetics and modern elegance.

Frames for Individuality – Wayfarer, Round, and Square Styles

Eyewood recognizes that sunglasses are more than accessories; they’re extensions of one’s personality. That’s why the collection features three distinct frame styles: the timeless wayfarer, the free-spirited round frame, and the bold square frame. Each style caters to diverse tastes and allows wearers to express their individuality. The wayfarer, a classic symbol of cultural revolution, is reimagined with Eyewood’s innovation. The round frame, embodying the bohemian spirit, celebrates creativity and uniqueness. Meanwhile, the square frame, a symbol of contemporary edge, seamlessly marries nature with modernity.

Adaptability and Empowerment – Changeable Lenses

Eyewood’s innovation goes beyond aesthetics. The ability to change lenses at home offers not only style flexibility but also longevity, aligning with sustainable practices. The expansive lens collection, featuring up to 25 different options, caters to diverse needs. From mirrored lenses that add flair while reducing glare to solid photochromic and anti-blue light lenses for versatility and protection, Eyewood empowers wearers to customize their eyewear experience. The inclusion of prescription and anti-blue light lenses ensures comfort and functionality without sacrificing style.

Embrace the Eyewood Revolution

The Eyewood journey is an invitation to embrace a new era in eyewear. With sustainability, individuality, and innovation at its core, these sunglasses redefine how we perceive and interact with our eyewear. By pledging to this Kickstarter campaign, you’re not just acquiring a pair of sunglasses; you’re joining a movement that advocates for responsible fashion and showcases the union of nature and design. Reward options from €30 for an engraved pair to €388 for a super pack. Pick what fits your needs the most and support on! Let Eyewood be your window to a brighter, more stylish future that’s seen through a lens of creativity, empowerment, and sustainability.

This campaign has concluded, but fear not – we still have ways to connect you!