elecsuit review

ElecSuit Haptic Bodysuit for Fitness and VR Gaming

Electrical Muscle Stimulation, or EMS is a little-known fitness hack that can help make workouts more efficient in less time. It works by running a low electric current through special conductive pads worn against the skin. The current causes the surrounding muscles to contract and flex, just as if they were straining against resistance.

EMS training is popular in Hollywood thanks to how quickly results are seen compared to regular workout regimens . Even Spider-Man actor Tom Holland reportedly used EMS training to get into superhero-shape.

ElecSuit is an all-in-one EMS suit that can not only enhance your workouts, but also take VR gaming to the next level.

Turn VR games into real-life workouts

The ElecSuit includes a fitted zip-up vest and shorts that are both embedded with the company’s own conductive silicone electrodes. Called ElecSil, the electrode pads are only 0.15mm thick and durable enough to withstand repeated washes.

The ElecSuit syncs to the companion app via Bluetooth, which allows users to switch between various modes and adjust intensities. Choose “plank” from the weight training menu for example, and you’ll feel the suit power up the abdominal pads.

Syncing the ElecSuit to a VR system is where the fun really begins. Pair it to a platform like Oculus, VIVE, Reverb or SteamVR and the ElecSuit can serve as a wearable haptic feedback suit. Compatible games can connect to the electrodes, creating a physical link to what you’re experiencing.

This is best shown in the video below of ElecSuit’s demo game “Squatscape”… The player has to perform a squat to move forward and try to outrun the lighting blasts. Watch what happens when he doesn’t quite make it in time…

How to order the ElecSuit

ElecSuit’s Indiegogo campaign launches November 30th, but backers can currently sign up to get access to early bird discounts at launch. Check out the link below for details.