FAQs for Sponsored Posts

  1. How soon will my article be posted?

    If we have all the info on your campaign we need and the sponsored post fee is paid most articles are finished within three days.

  2. Can I see my article before it’s published?

    Yes! Just let us know and we’ll send you a private link to review the article before it’s live.

  3. Can I send you a unit for review?

    Yes, and doing so allows us to write a much more in-depth and personalized article. Leave a note in your form comments that you’d like to send a sample.   The sponsored post fee is still required.

  4. What criteria does a project need to be featured?

    It needs to be cool. 🙂 Your campaign needs to feature a tangible product (no personal or charitable campaigns). It needs to have clear, high quality images and writing. It needs to be unique and serve a purpose. The funding goals and timeline should be clearly established.

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