Flip, Tap, Stand: MagSafe ID Card Holder

Revolutionizing Daily Essentials

Life’s little conveniences often spring from ingenious solutions to everyday problems. As someone who’s juggled a wallet, phone, and a stack of cards, I’ve found myself longing for a simpler way to manage my daily essentials. That’s where DuoFlip steps in—a game-changer that redefines how we carry our crucial IDs and cards.

The Tale of Simplified Carries

The struggle of managing multiple essentials is real. How often have we forgotten a work ID or risked card loss while juggling bags and phones? DuoFlip swoops in as the hero, consolidating our daily must-haves into one sleek, MagSafe-compatible holder. With its innovative flip design, transitioning between cards becomes a breeze, allowing for seamless display and tapping without the hassle of card retrieval.

Innovations That Redefine Convenience

DuoFlip’s brilliance lies in its thoughtful design. Its MagSafe compatibility ensures a secure attachment to your phone, eliminating the need for an extra item to remember. With two card slots—one with a window and the other covered—it’s tailor-made for essential IDs and cards, offering both accessibility and security.

The magic truly unfolds with its dual-sided card tapping, a feat achieved through meticulous experimentation with anti-interference materials. Unlike many others in the market, DuoFlip delivers flawless tapping for both cards without the need for removal, ensuring efficiency every time.

A Glimpse of Craftsmanship and Sustainability

Behind its functionality lies a commitment to durability and sustainability. Tear-resistant fabric and a proprietary 6-layer anti-interference partition guarantee longevity and proper functionality through 100,000 flips tested. The sleek exterior crafted from vegan leather not only adds an elegant touch but also offers excellent protection.

Moreover, SleekStrip’s dedication to eco-friendliness extends to its packaging—a 100% recyclable design, ensuring that sustainability is embedded in every aspect of DuoFlip’s journey.

Join the Journey Towards Simplicity

The road to DuoFlip’s inception has been a year-long saga of research, design iterations, and testing, culminating in an innovative solution aimed at simplifying lives. SleekStrip, the innovative minds behind this creation, is no stranger to success, with their previous crowdfunded product, SleekGrip, amassing support worldwide.

Your Everyday Companion

DuoFlip isn’t just a product; it’s a testament to innovative design driven by the needs of everyday life. Its integration of convenience, functionality, and sustainability marks a paradigm shift in how we approach essential card management. As it nears the finish line of production, your support becomes pivotal in bringing this transformative tool to life.

The launch of DuoFlip marks a turning point in simplifying our lives. As we anticipate its arrival, we embark on this journey, transforming the mundane task of managing cards into a seamless, efficient experience. Get your own DuoFlip for for $28, or a set of 5× DuoFlip (with retractor included) for $102 with several other options in between which you can find below!