kettlecross kickstarter review

Kettlecross – The Next Evolution of the Kettlebell

Kettlebells are a great strength training tool that can develop your entire body. The problem? Lift one higher than your shoulder and you’ll feel its bruising weight burrow into your forearm. They say no pain no gain, but shouldn’t just lifting the thing be enough?

That’s what lead to the development of the Kettlecross, a revolutionary redesign of a familiar workout tool.

New shape, new workouts

While at first glance you might think you’re looking at a pair of headphones for Mickey Mouse, the Kettlecross is much more in Mighty Mouse’s territory. By creating a gap between the two halves of weight, the Kettlecross eliminates forearm impact while maintaining the pendulous challenge of a kettlebell. This opens up a range of overhead presses that would otherwise strain your wrist and fingers.

The solid cast iron form is produced in Yorkshire England from recycled scrap iron. This makes the Kettlecross not only durable enough to last a lifetime, but finds a use for otherwise wasted iron from sources like car engines and gearboxes.

There’s no rubber, plastic or other attachments that could wear out or break over time. Just you and the weight. 💪

Multiple weights available

The Kettlecross campaign is offering two models for backers to choose from – 8kg (17.6lbs) and 12kg (26.5lbs).

A $56 pledge scores you the limited super early bird reward package, including one 8kg Kettlecross and their digital workout guide. Higher pledge levels can receive a pair of Kettlecrosses in either size.

If fully funded, rewards are estimated to deliver October 2021.