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Lumen – Monitor your Metabolism with a Single Breath

WHEN IT COMES TO diet and exercise, our bodies can seem pretty much like mysterious black boxes. You can eat all the right foods and exercise regularly, but you don’t really know how it will pay off until you see the results (if any).

Lumen is a metabolic tracker that reveals the secrets our bodies have been keeping about our inner health. With a single breath the pocket-sized breathalyzer analyzes data about our food intake, sleep quality and activity levels.

lumen metabolic monitor

Breathe out, data in

The science behind Lumen involves measuring the C02 levels in your breath to determine your metabolic fuel usage. Patent-pending sensors inside the device are able to determine if your body is burning (or in need of ) carbs or fats, and other insights.

One breath in the morning shows you exactly how your body was affected by the previous day’s activities. Sleep, exercise levels and food intake determine your results. Taking another breath anytime throughout the day shows your progress.

Better workouts and a built-in nutritionist

metaflow lumen device and app

Using Lumen before a workout can help determine if you have the right fuel levels to perform your best, or could benefit from a quick snack. The futuristic “A.I. Nutrition Coach” can recommend meals specifically for your own health goals, as well as ideal post or pre-workout foods.

No burdensome food-logging is required, which is a chore for even the most hardcore dieter.

Pre-order Lumen on Indiegogo

Lumen has proven to be quite the crowdfunding-darling and has raised more than $2 million on Indiegogo alone. The retail price will be $299, but backers can get their hands on the future of metabolic monitoring for the special price of $249. Current pre-orders are scheduled to ship November 2019.

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