Save Your Eyes with the Paperlike Pro E-Ink Monitor

Traditional backlit displays have been known to cause insomnia, headaches and eye fatigue for those who spend too long under their ghostly glow.  While all those 16 million colors may be dazzling, more often than not they go to waste looking at hundreds of lines of text a day.  An alternative is e-ink displays, which have been limited to e-readers like the Kindle.  Tech startup Dasung is changing that with their Paperlike Pro e-ink monitor. dasung e-ink monitor

What has prevented e-ink from being used in monitors before is its notoriously slow refresh time between image changes.  The Paperlike Pro solves that with a latency so low it can be used for typing, coding and browsing with no noticeable refresh “blink”.

The monitor connects via HDMI to Windows, Mac or Linux and the 13.3″ display can be used horizontally or vertically.

dasung paperlike pro monitor connect to iPad

The Paperlike Pro can currently be pre-ordered for $799 from Dasung’s Indiegogo page:

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