Shankara Oracle System: Embark on a Mystical Journey of Divine Guidance

Prepare yourself for a transformative adventure into the realm of divination and spiritual exploration. In this article, we are thrilled to introduce you to this extraordinary tool that has been carefully crafted to nourish, inform, and uplift your soul.

The Shankara Oracle System goes beyond being just another Oracle deck or divination tool. It is a profound and comprehensive divination system that seamlessly merges the wisdom of Tarot, Oracle Cards, Astrology, Numerology, Sacred Stones, and ancient spiritual technologies. Designed for intuitive, sensitive, and psychic souls, Shankara acts as a gateway to profound mystical experiences and deep inner wisdom.

The Unique Components

At the core of The Shankara Experience lies the Shankara divination board—a high-vibration platform that synergistically integrates sacred stones, oracle decks, and a divination cube. This exquisite board is a work of art, featuring vibrant colors, divine symbolism, planetary influences, stars (Nakshatras), angels, and deities. By utilizing this sacred space, you can connect with your spirit guides, ancestors, and protective Light Beings, receiving divine guidance and unlocking hidden truths within yourself.

  1. Sacred Stones: The Shankara Oracle System incorporates a set of sacred stones made from pure, polished Black Obsidian gemstones. These stones have been divinely inspired and channeled based on ancient Sanskrit and Hindu teachings. Each stone is meticulously designed with unique symbols on one side and arrows on the other. During a Shankara session, you intuitively select several stones and drop them onto the divination board. The stone symbols and arrow pathways then point to the divine guidance you seek, providing deep insights and actionable guidance.
  2. Oracle Card Decks: The Shankara Oracle System features four oracle card decks: Master, Alchemy, Release, and Sacred Action. These decks encompass a total of 308 profoundly inspiring oracle cards, each infused with ancient Dharmic and Vedic teachings. As you follow the arrows on the sacred stones, they will guide you to the decks that hold the answers and divine guidance meant specifically for you. Drawing one to three cards from each deck or following your intuition and drawing additional cards, you will receive the wisdom that enlightens and inspires you on your spiritual journey.
  3. Shakti’s Cube: To complement the divination experience, Shankara offers Shakti’s Cube—an oracle die inspired by ancient divination dice. Rolling the cube helps clear energy, answer questions, and evaluate the potential of different paths. Acting as a divining rod or pendulum, Shakti’s Cube assists in determining the force, energy, and flow of various aspects of your life, offering clarity and guidance along your path.
  4. Guidebooks: To deepen your understanding of the Shankara Oracle System, two invaluable guidebooks accompany the set: The Shankara Book of Meanings and the Set Up & Play guidebook. The Book of Meanings is a comprehensive paperback oracle book with over 200 pages, providing profound insights and guidance for the oracle stones, Shakti’s Cube, and each oracle card deck. The Set Up & Play guidebook offers step-by-step instructions, ensuring you have a seamless and fulfilling divination experience.

Exploring the Symbolism on The Shankara Oracle Board

The Shankara Oracle Board is not just a visually stunning piece of artwork; it is a tapestry of profound symbolism that holds the keys to unlocking deep spiritual insights. Every element on the board has been carefully chosen and intricately woven together to provide a rich and transformative divination experience. Let’s delve into the symbolism present on The Shankara Oracle Board:

  1. Planets and Stars – Vedic Astrology: The planets depicted on the board represent the nine celestial bodies recognized in Vedic astrology. Surrounding these planets are the luminous Nakshatras, or stars, which hold significant influence over our lives. By incorporating the wisdom of Vedic astrology, The Shankara Oracle System offers a cosmic perspective and helps us understand the energetic forces at play in our lives.
  2. The Four Elements: The four elements—Earth, Air, Fire, and Water—are transformational forces that emerge during Shankara sessions. Each element imparts its unique messages of love, support, encouragement, and guidance. By connecting with these elements, we can tap into their energies and gain deeper insights into our questions, healing, and transformation.
  3. The Four Noble Species: Representing the multitude of living beings found throughout the cosmos, the Four Noble Species bring ancient wisdom and profound messages. Their presence on the board reminds us of our interconnectedness with all living beings and the importance of harmonious coexistence. Exploring the messages of these species can provide guidance and help navigate our lives with joy and strength.
  4. The Playful Protectors: The Playful Protectors symbolize the spirits that guide and uplift us on our spiritual journey. They are our brothers, sisters, friends, and family throughout the cosmos, sowing inspiration, adventure, vulnerability, protection, rebirth, flow, and grace into our lives. Inviting these playful beings into our Shankara sessions opens us up to their love and guidance, infusing our experiences with joy and wonder.
  5. Deities and Archangels: Throughout the board, you will encounter representations of divine beings and archangels. These ethereal beings, who exist across realms and dimensions, continuously uplift humanity and shower us with grace. Each deity and archangel holds unique attributes and qualities that we can invoke during our Shankara sessions. Connecting with these beloved entities deepens our spiritual practice and invites their blessings into our lives.
  6. Sacred Words and Numbers: During your Shankara sessions, sacred words and numbers will emerge, guided by the arrows on the sacred stones. These sacred energies carry profound meaning and serve as sources of inspiration and guidance. Whether it’s gratitude, forgiveness, or other transformative concepts, these words and numbers provide insights that uplift and inform our spiritual journey.

By immersing yourself in the symbolism present on The Shankara Oracle Board, you embark on a multidimensional exploration of divine wisdom. The intricate tapestry of symbols invites you to connect with cosmic energies, ancient teachings, and spiritual guides, enhancing your divination experience and deepening your connection with the profound messages that await you. Let the symbolism guide you as you unveil the sacred insights and transformative guidance that lie within The Shankara Oracle System.

Support Shankara Oracle System

When supporting the Shankara Oracle System campaign, you have a range of pledge options to choose from. Each pledge offers unique rewards that will enhance your divination experience and provide you with tools for upliftment and guidance. Let’s explore the available pledge options:

  1. The Sacred Action Cards Deck – Pledge US$ 38 or more: By selecting this pledge, you will receive one deck of The Sacred Action Cards. This oracle deck consists of 113 cards designed to uplift, inspire, and bring fulfillment. The beautiful artwork and messages contained within these cards will help you on your spiritual journey.
  2. The Complete Shankara Oracle System – Pledge US$ 157 or more: This VIP SPECIAL pledge offers the full Shankara Oracle System, including the Shankara divination board, three Shankara Oracle Decks, 18 Sacred Oracle Stones, Divination Die, two in-depth guidebooks, and The Sacred Action Cards. This comprehensive package empowers you with a complete divination experience.
  3. Liberation Bundle – Pledge US$ 575 or more: For the ultimate experience, the Liberation Bundle offers everything included in the Alchemy Bundle, plus an exclusive written Vedic Astrology Reading by Shri Krishna Kalesh, the creator of Shankara. In addition to the extensive collection of divination