turn plastic bottles in rope tool review

Turn Plastic Bottles Into Rope With This Amazing Tool

Whether you need to build your own raft or tie down a trunk, rope is without a doubt one of the most useful resources on the planet. It’s applications are endless and survival experts worldwide preach its necessity.

But what do you do if there’s no rope around?

Make your own of course.

The crafty minds at Grim Workshop are at it again, this time with a new line of products that literally convert trash into treasure.

Their pocket-sized cordage maker takes plastic bottles and turns them into rope.

plastic bottle rope maker

Making the best out of litter

Humans produce almost 20,000 plastic bottles every second, and sadly less than half of that is collected for recycling. A large portion makes its way into our waterways and ecosystem.

Being able to turn those bottles into something practical like rope is an ingenious form of recycling that shines a ray of hope on an otherwise overwhelming problem.

plastic bottle rope maker

The cordage maker works by lining up the edge of a bottle along a slot on the tool. Twisting the bottle passes the edge along an embedded blade, stripping the plastic away into a thin cord.

A single plastic bottle can produce up to 50′ of cordage and it’s shockingly strong. Two bottles have enough strength to tow a 3000lb tractor. 🤯

The cords can also be braided to form a stronger rope, or twisted to a fine thread that can be used as a fishing line.

“When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on.”

-Franklin D. Roosevelt

Three sizes to choose from

If you remember the credit card-sized fishing kit we featured a few months ago, you’ll know Grim Workshop has a reputation for pocket-sized tools.

The cordage maker is no different, with three compact sizes available. The largest has the dimensions of a credit card and can be hung from a carabiner or mounted flat. The next size down is the dog tag, which can be worn on a necklace or bag. The tiniest option is the cordage micro tool, which is smaller than a AAA battery and fits on a keyring.

cordage maker sizes
grim workshop plastic bottle rope makers

How to order

The plastic bottle rope-making tools can be pre-ordered from their Kickstarter page starting at $9 for the keychain micro tool. Higher pledges receive larger tools, with the complete set available for $35. Orders are estimated to deliver July 2020.

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