murder at the speakeasy party game review

A Mystery Party Game That’s Simply to Die For

If you’ve every wanted to live out your inner Hercule Poirot fantasies, there’s a new game sure to stimulate those little gray cells. Murder at the Speakeasy is a party game that transports players to a prohibition-fueled speakeasy set in the roaring 1920s.

A motley cast of characters has been invited by proprietor and notorious gangster Marilyn Moretti, who might have more planned for her guests than mere libations…

By the end of the night three characters will wind up dead and it’s up to the survivors to find out whodunnit.

What’s included

Murders Inc. been selling downloadable PDF versions of their murder mystery games for several years, racking up nearly 8,000 positive reviews in the process. Murder at the Speakeasy presents their first professionally boxed game that contains everything a host needs in one ready-to-play kit.

Between 8 to 20 people can join in on the mystery with a collection of character sheets available to help them get into the role. Rub shoulders as the dashing pilot Bo Hancock, or gather clues as photographer Sheldon Shultz – you never know when the murderer will strike again!

Unlike other party games in this genre, even the host doesn’t necessarily know who the perpetrator is and can join in on the fun. Death isn’t the end for the three unlucky victims either – they can come back as ghosts and continue to participate.

Murder at the Speakeasy comes with everything needed for 1.5 to 2 hours of gameplay including:

  • Thorough Instructions
  • Tips & Tricks for Party Hosts
  • An easy-to-follow timeline (one for each ending)
  • The Introduction
  • 20 Unique Character Booklets
  • 2 Sets of Evidence (One for each ending)
  • 2 Conclusions
  • Action Cards
  • Voting Cards
  • A Detective’s Notepad to jot down anything suspicious
  • Awards for Best Guess, Best Death, and Most in Character
  • 3 Murder Weapons

How to back

Backers can currently pre-order Murder at the Speakeasy for the special price of $25 through their Kickstarter campaign. That includes the full boxed game plus a PDF copy of an additional Murders Inc. game, An Invitation to Midnight Manor.

If fully funded, pledge rewards are estimated to deliver September 2022.

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