Air Deck Ultra-portable Waterproof Playing Cards

The Air Deck is a new take on a staple travelers have had tucked in their bags for generations: playing cards.  What has passed the time for both trans-continental refugees and kids on a road trip also has a few fatal flaws…  The potato chip curling and peeling indicative of heavy use, and an absolute intolerance of water.

The Air Deck is made of a high grade PVC that is incredibly resistant to tearing and bending and is completely waterproof.  A slightly textured back and flat front gives them a solid grip while still shuffling smoothly. You can play by the pool, on a boat, or even host one of your infamous monsoon season solitaire sessions.

The deck consists of a casino standard 52 playing cards and 2 jokers that measure 87mm X 32mm. The slimmer design ensures that it handles like a full size deck while the narrow width, which is nearly half that of a standard deck, lets it slide effortlessly in your pocket.

The Air Deck is available in red, white and black varieties and can currently be pre-ordered for $12 from their website.

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