oaka shoe review

Could OAKAs be the Most Comfortable Dress Shoes ever?

We’ve covered a lot of amazing footwear campaigns on CoolBacker, but can easily say we’ve never seen a pair of shoes quite this revolutionary. Imagine a pair of slip-ons you can roll up in a ball, throw in the washing machine and still pair with an Armani suit.

Honestly, would you ever wear anything else?

They’re called Oakas and they could easily be the most comfortable pair of dress shoes you’ll ever own.

They’re flexible. Really flexible.

There’s one word that comes to mind when you think of traditional men’s dress shoes: stiff. The leather is stiff, the soles are stiff and after a few hours your body will feel stiff too. Oakas take a radical departure from that reputation with a soft knit fiber upper that couldn’t be more flexible.

By cutting the fabric in a way that mimics the look of a regular dress shoe, Oaka is able to get away with slipper-soft materials that can literally roll in a ball.

A sole designed for healthier feet

Human feet are built to walk flat on the earth. Adding a heel disrupts our natural gait and can lead to posture trouble down the road. Oaka uses a zero-drop inner sole which keeps the heel and toes at the same height, creating a barefoot walking experience.

The anti-slip outer sole cleverly hints at the “barefoot feel” with a unique tread design.

oaka shoe sole

Faux laces

You can’t have a dress shoe without laces, but that doesn’t mean you need to tie them. The faux laces on the Oakas are attached directly to the shoe. Their generous stretch makes it effortless to slip the shoes on and off will save countless cumulative hours spent tying laces.

How to order OAKA dress shoes

Early bird backers can currently pre-order a pair of Oakas for $95 with free shipping in the US. Backers can choose between gray or black color options in men’s sizes 8 through 13.

If funded, rewards are estimated to deliver June 2022.

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