Huggi – The Thermoregulating Hoodie You Need for Winter

Staying warm all through winter is not just important but essential. However, with the recent cutback on the supply of oil and gas and the increasing cost of electricity bills all over the world, staying warm the traditional way – using heaters – would be more challenging than ever. Finding alternative ways to stay warm has never been more critical. This is precisely what Huggi offers.

Stay Warm For Longer With Huggi

Every hoodie is designed to help you stay warm. But there is regular “hoodie warm” and then there is Huggi Warm!

Made from 90% graphane fiber – the world’s fastest heat-conducting and transmitting material, Huggi features a thermoregulating technology that puts it on a whole new level. Featuring the excellent heat-conducting property of graphane, this hoodie helps to quickly absorb and retain heat, warming your body up within seconds after you put it on and retaining that heat for hours. Even at low temperatures!

Designed for comfort

Huggi Graphene Loungewear is designed with comfort in mind. Made with a revolutionary new material called Graphene, the loungewear is designed to be lightweight, breathable, and comfortable while providing superior heat and moisture management. The fabric is also incredibly soft to the touch, so you can relax in ultimate comfort. Whether you’re lounging around the house, or out and about, Huggi Graphene Loungewear is the perfect piece of clothing for any situation.

Save the world With Huggi

Huggi is the perfect solution for the coming winter. Featuring a full-body design and an extra large cape, this hoodie is long enough to give you full-body warmth every time you put it on. The unique unisex design means the hoodie can also be worn by any gender, making it an excellent choice for the entire family. 

The hoodie is made from not just graphane yarn but also graphene powder mixed with the fiber. This makes the hoodie extremely durable, no matter how often you wash it. 

Are you looking for the perfect alternative to keep you warm this winter while still helping you save some money? It doesn’t get better than Huggi!

Get Cozy today

Huggi has launched their campaign on Kickstarter, just in time for winter! You can get the early bird pricing today for $68 for one Huggi. You can save more with a pack of 4 for $290, or a pack of 10 for $660! It is available in Beige, Charchoal and Cherry Blosson. Rock the color that suites your style!