PERLIE – Redefining Men’s Shoes

When you think about men’s shoes – whether corporate shoes, boots, or even dress shoes – chances are comfort is not one of the words that come to mind. There’s Stylish. There’s Classy. But Comfortable? Naa! That one’s left for sneakers. Well, not anymore! PERLIE is flipping that script!

Men’s Shoes Meet Sneaker-Like Comfort 

PERLIE is redefining the entire concept of men’s shoes. Taking a bend from that clunky, heavy, and uncomfortable design, these new shoes favor a more soft and comfy feel, leaving you with brand-new shoes that look just like traditional men’s shoes, but feel just like sneakers.

It’s All In the Science

How does it all work? Well, it’s all in science!

These new shoes feature PERLIE’s new innovative patented comfort technology inspired by sneakers. Featuring padding all around the inside of the shoe, eliminating any sharp edges or prickly sports, all-around cushioning for extra comfort, softer lining and more flexible edges for easier and painless wearing, and so on much more. 

There are also the lighter materials used for making these shoes which allow for less clunkiness without reducing durability, and the improved soles which allow for better grip, both on the inside and the outside. All of these add up to shoes that look just like traditional men’s shoes but feel just as good as sports shoes; you could wear them all day long.

Perfect shoes for any occasion

PERLIE offers the perfect shoes for any occasion. The collection includes Chelsea boots, dress shoes, and boots. All in the classic styles and colors that you cannot go wrong with.

The dress shoes are the perfect combination of classic styling and modern comfort. The Chelsea collection includes classic black boots, to brightest of beige, and everything in between. All shoes feature a unique combination of cushioning, support, and stability to ensure that your feet stay comfortable all day long.

Get your PERLIE Shoes today!

Tired of those uncomfortable shoes that kill your legs every time you wear them? You’ve just found the solution – PERLIE Shoes, the most comfortable men’s shoes on the planet.

You can order them on Kickstarter today. The early bird pricing for one pair of shoes is $169. You can order two pairs for $355 and three pairs for $499. Best of all, you can get them delivered in December 2022!