crossroads inn board game review

Crossroads Inn: The Innkeeper’s Creed Board Game

It’s hard to think of a good fantasy story that doesn’t involve at least one stop at a local inn. It’s where the characters meet new allies, settle disputes and further their quests. But what about the innkeepers themselves?

Think of the stories they could tell – the things they’ve seen!

In Crossroads Inn: The Innkeeper’s Creed players are given the chance to manage their very own inn and face all the trials and tribulations that follow. Set in the medieval kingdom of Yorevale, it’s up to each innkeeper to organize every aspect of their tavern, from cooking, furnishing, hiring and dealing with those pesky rival innkeepers!

The game comes from veteran game designers Klabater, who originally released Crossroads Inn as a PC game a few years ago. The board game version uses an engine-building strategy format, where players build up a system of generating resources that becomes more efficient as the game goes on.

Players have countless choices to make throughout each game, meaning no two sessions ever feel the same.

Will an innkeeper wear the crown?

There’s more to Crossroads Inn than just your humble little tavern… the king has died in mysterious circumstances and has left a slew of illegitimate heirs in his wake. It’s even possible you could be an heir and must raise your influence and power in the kingdom to have a chance at the crown.

The various guests of your inn all have their part to play in your quest for renown… you can entertain nobles to increase your reputation, while exchanging juicy political gossip. Travelers on the other hand might be willing to part with an exotic recipe that will help your inn stand out.

The options (and outcomes) are endless!

Game facts:

  • 2–4 Players
  • 90–120 Min Playing Time
  • Age: 12+
  • Made in Poland

How to pre-order

Klabater has already surpassed their funding goal with three weeks left to go in their Kickstarter campaign. The standard edition can be pre-ordered from $44 and includes the core game with any unlocked stretch goals.

The “Innkeeper’s Edition” includes the game plus a ton of other cool extras like an engraved copper mug, medieval inspired cookbook and more.

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