DeskBuddy: A Stylish Sidekick for Meeting Reminders!

The Quest for Efficiency

Time management is truly an eternal challenge.

A hectic day filled with back-to-back meetings, crucial appointments, and tasks, each vying for your attention. Now, imagine a lifeline amidst this chaos—enter DeskBuddy, the beacon of efficiency, ensuring not a single meeting slips through the cracks.

Meet DeskBuddy

Every innovation has a genesis, and DeskBuddy’s story is no different. Born from the collective pursuit of a solution at Blueberry Consultants, DeskBuddy emerged from the need to streamline a bustling schedule inundated with Office 365 and Gmail calendar commitments. The spark ignited two years ago, driven by the absence of a tool that seamlessly synced and displayed daily agendas at a glance.

DeskBuddy’s evolution echoes a tale of perseverance and progress. From its humble beginnings as the MeetingMinder to the sleek, vibrant DeskBuddy of today, the journey brimmed with brainstorming sessions, design iterations, and hardware refinements. The team’s commitment birthed a gadget powered by an ESP32 microcontroller chip and a vivid OLED screen, tailored to meet the demands of your professional commitments.

Sync, Smile, Succeed

DeskBuddy isn’t just a functional marvel; it’s an expression of individuality. Available in seven distinctive hues, it not only synchronizes schedules but also complements personal styles. Beyond its visual allure, DeskBuddy stands as a testament to reliability, courtesy of the meticulously crafted 3D printed enclosure and a custom-designed PCB.

DeskBuddy isn’t merely a gadget; it’s a promise—a promise of punctuality, efficiency, and empowerment in navigating the maze of meetings. With its Kickstarter campaign, DeskBuddy beckons you to join its journey towards revolutionizing meeting management.

Get Your Own Smart, Stylish Reminder

The hustle and bustle of a professional life often demands tools that complement our pace. DeskBuddy’s narrative isn’t just about a gadget; it’s about reclaiming control over time, about infusing color into routine, and about ensuring that each day aligns seamlessly with your plans.

Choose a color that meets you style and support this incredible product. You can get the Early Bird Special and save 30% and is available in Black, Pink, Purple, Orange, Green, Blue or Red for only $56. Or you can get an upgrade for your team in 2024 and Save 40% on 10 DeskBuddy’s for a price of $468. They offer several options so choose what fits your needs and never miss a meeting again.

This campaign has concluded, but fear not – we still have ways to connect you!