Embark on an Adventure with Gem Hunt

In the ever-evolving world of tabletop gaming, a new contender has burst onto the scene, promising to bring high-stakes adventure to your living room. Enter Gem Hunt, an open-world, adventure tabletop game that will test your strategic skills and chance-taking prowess as you journey through diverse landscapes in pursuit of your goals. Brought to you by the creative minds at Gem Hunt Games, this exciting board game is currently seeking your support on Kickstarter to bring the project to life.

The Game Theme & Quest

Gem Hunt is an immersive journey that draws 1-4 players into the wild and wondrous island nation of Pacifica. As one of 12 unique Gem Hunters, you’ll trek across diverse regions such as a mountainous terrain, lush jungles, and arid deserts, all interconnected by rope bridges, ferries, underground railways, and even zip lines! Your goal is to complete unique quests, each representing jeweled items that require a collection of specific numbers and types of faceted gems and pearls.

The game’s world is teeming with 50 unique quest cards that feature diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, topaz, opals, and various pearls. And if that’s not enough, there are 100 unique fates, and a whopping 240 fate cards that will keep the gameplay exciting and unpredictable. When all components are successfully gathered and turned in at the jeweler’s, they hold a significant monetary value that nudges you closer to becoming the Master Gem Hunter.

Game Goals and Gameplay

Gem Hunt offers multiple gameplay modes depending on your time constraints and your strategic choices. In a regular game, players strive to complete the most quest cards within a specific timeframe or reach a pre-determined total value of completed quest cards. For a quicker and intense game, the speed round is an excellent choice, where the race is on to complete just one quest card.

Every turn in Gem Hunt consists of a movement phase and an action phase. During the movement phase, you can traverse the open-world board, moving across bridges, taking a ferry or zip line, or venturing via an underground railway. The action phase can include mining for gems, digging for oysters, cutting rough gems into faceted gems, turning in completed quest cards, playing mini-games, or drawing a fate card after landing on a regional movement space. It’s a game that seamlessly blends strategy, chance, and the thrilling unpredictability of fate.

Support Gem Hunt on Kickstarter

With this Kickstarter campaign, Gem Hunt Games aims to reach an enthusiastic audience of backers who love adventure and strategy. By backing this project, you are not only securing your own copy of the game but also supporting independent game development that breaks the mold with innovative themes and game mechanics. As an early supporter, you’ll also have access to various rewards and incentives exclusive to this campaign.

The campaign has multiple pledge options, starting at $56 to get the core game. You can get the deluxe version of the game for $65. The pledge options go up to $110 for the gift set, which includes two of the Core Game, 10 Character Standees, Gem Satchel, Dice Upgrade (6-Sided Premium Die & 8-Sided Premium Die).