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Feel fancy with the Parisiana Glass Coffee Cup

SOMMELIERS AROUND THE world know that the shape of a wineglass can affect the aroma and taste of wine. There’s even scientific evidence to support the curvature of the glass has a measurable influence on the bouquet, temperature and flavor.

A new Kickstarter campaign believes coffee should get in on the action.

Parisian bubble cup review

Parisiana is a glass coffee cup designed to improve the taste of your espresso while looking perfectly French in the process. The simple and elegant shape is inspired by early cafés in Paris that served coffee in wine glasses before the proliferation of ceramic.

The 100% borosilicate glass withstands temperatures up to 752°F and is dishwasher safe. A flared base means you can suspend the cup like a wineglass, and helps it stack.

Taste and foam enhancer

While traditional coffee mugs are cylindrical shaped, the Parisiana cup is shaped like a wine glass, which concentrates and directs aromas straight to the nose. The tapered top also allows for greater foam build-up.

Makes anything look delicious

food served in espresso cup

The final feature of Parisiana? Besides serving coffee, it makes food look both delicious and adorable. The design of the cup makes even a few gummy bears look like a 5-star dessert.

Early bird pricing available

Made by the same people behind MeoMitt, Parisiana is their third Kickstarter project after two other successes in the kitchen category. A $26 pledge gets you 2 Parisiana coffee cups, saucers and stir spoons. If fully funded, pre-orders are expected to ship Summer of 2020.

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