glory hunters gameboy game review

Glory Hunters is Breathing New Life into the Nintendo Game Boy

If you haven’t heard, the Nintendo Game Boy is experiencing a bit of a revival. Originally released in 1989, the Game Boy introduced an entire generation to the world of handheld gaming and was in production for an unheard of 14 years.

Over one thousand games were released during that time, including classics like Tetris, Super Mario Land and Pokemon.

Now thirty three years since its launch, many of the Game Boy’s original players have grown up to become game developers of their own. For the first time in decades, the console is seeing a growing collection of newly released games that play directly on the original Game Boy hardware.

Glory Hunters is the latest of these entries – an action/adventure RPG where players set out to conquer monsters, solve puzzles and achieve glory.

Nostalgic gaming at its finest

Unlike other retro games that require an emulator on a phone or computer to run, Glory Hunters will be published on an actual physical cartridge. The game will be compatible with the Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Pocket and Game Boy Advance.

For gamers who didn’t manage to hang on to their childhood consoles, Glory Hunters will also be playable digitally on PC and the Analogue Pocket.

The game puts players in the magical world of Glorianta, where they’ll enter into an epic quest to save the land by awakening the gods and cleansing the land of monsters. The gameplay will feel familiar to Zelda fans and strikes a balance between puzzle-solving, battling, and traversing the labyrinths of caves and dungeons.

Defeating enemies and helping the townsfolk earns players coveted “glory points” which can be used to upgrade your health, buy items and hire helpers to aid you on your quests.

Glory Hunters consists of over 20 hours of gameplay and is highly replayable thanks to an open world with multiple progress paths. Players can unlock over one thousand different achievements as they explore the world’s giant map, which aims to be the biggest in Game Boy history.

Play the demo

If you’d like try a sample of Glory World, you can currently play a demo of the first chapter of the game online here. Prepare to be swept up in the 8-bit graphics, classic synth soundtrack and comforting green monotones of your youth.

How to order

Glory Hunters is set to launch on Kickstarter April 10th and will offer digital and physical versions of the game along with limited collector’s editions. Follow the link below to be notified when the campaign goes live.

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