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Move – The Digital Supermarket of the Future

Move is a members-only online supermarket that offers high quality kitchen staples without the endless choices, bloated pricing and food waste of a traditional grocery store.

Less choices = less stress

The average big-box supermarket in the US carries over 50,000 SKUs. This is an overwhelming amount of choices for most consumers who are essentially all looking for the same thing: the best quality at the lowest price.

The almond butter must be in there somewhere.

Analysis paralysis is a real thing. When faced with a selection like in the image above, many people would rather walk out with nothing than spend hours playing detective with the nutrition labels.

Move has done the opposite. They’ve capped their inventory at 500 items across all categories, meaning you’re presented with only a handful of high quality, fairly priced choices. By narrowing their products, they’re better able to control the quality and pricing, while reducing waste.

move digital supermarket

Artisanal food from the best

Move has partnered with 50 artisans, chefs and producers from 25 countries. This elite group of suppliers share between them a total of 10 Michelin stars, James Beard awards, and Good Food awards.

Move products are shipped straight to you directly from the producers in minimal, no-nonsense, sustainable packaging. By cutting out all the middlemen from the supply chain, items typically cost 30% less than traditional premium retailers. 

Free 2-day shipping

Checkout lines might not be hell on earth, but they’re in the neighboring vicinity.

Crowdsurfing anyone?

Despite the prevalence of online shopping, 97% of grocery shopping is still done in-store. Avoiding headaches like the one above is a dream for many people, which is why Move offers free 2-day shipping to all 50 states.

Perishable orders are cold-packed and delivered to your door – you don’t even need to be home.

No more food waste

Here’s a disturbing fact: 43 BILLION pounds of food is thrown away by US supermarkets every year. Up to half of that is tossed out while still edible.

Products only come into Move’s warehouse after an order has been placed by the customer. This means no food goes unclaimed and there’s no waste in their supply chain.

Move pricing

For a $125 pledge, backers receive a one year membership to Move, with the rate locked in for the future. Backers also receive a welcome kit filled with their five most popular products.

Their campaign is more than 400% funded and rewards are expected to ship February 2020.

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