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Oval One-Touch Smart Lock

One of the coolest innovations in the automotive sector of the past few years has been the ability to use a smartphone as a key.  A quick pairing of an app and an iPhone can unlock an array of modern cars.

Imagine if you could do the same thing with your house.

Oval is a smart lock that lets you (and those you choose) come and go without needing to dig out a key, or your phone.

oval smart lock

It works by syncing with your device during installation using Oval’s app.  Once paired, the lock automatically recognizes your phone in the future and you don’t need to open the app again.

From that point on, it literally couldn’t get any easier.  

When it’s time to lock or unlock the door, you simply press the featureless front faceplate and Oval searches for your phone using encrypted BLE.  In less than 2 seconds the lock recognizes you and unlocks the door.

Where Oval really shines is when you’re not home but need to grant someone access (like a housekeeper or maintenance).  Oval allows you to send temporary one-time key codes that expire after 5 minutes.  The glossy display then blinks to life and guests can just punch in their code.

There are also physical key fobs that allow the same one-touch access but without a smartphone.  This is ideal for kids or people who don’t always have their phone on them.

Compatible with most US doors, Oval includes everything it needs for setup and installs in minutes, according to their guide

In a time proliferated with multi-generational living and AirBnB, Oval offers a sleek way to avoid the headache of managing too many keys.  Especially when you’re juggling groceries on the porch during winter. 😉

Pre-order from $99 on Kickstarter


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