Remember EVE, from Pixar’s Wall-E?  Her sole purpose was to find and incubate any surviving plant life from Earth.  A sleek futuristic machine designed to provide a seedling with the perfect amounts of water, light and air.

PlantHive reminds us a lot of EVE, except we won’t need to wait until the year 2805.  The device enables you to grow your favorite small fruits, veggies, or flowers from the comfort of your home.  Their custom app allows remote monitoring and optimizes plants’ growth.

planthive price

PlantHive is designed to grow just about any kind of plant without using pesticides and faster than traditional gardening.  You start by planting a seed and picking a “climate recipe” from the app.  This puts into motion the perfect amounts of light, water and temperature for optimal plant growth.

Upgrades include a remote camera that uses AI to diagnose your plants’ health through imagery analysis, allowing PlantHive to adjust settings as needed.

PlantHive can currently be backed on their Indiegogo page.  Early bird pledges are still in stock and run $356.