Torch M1: The Helmet with a Built-in Headlight

The Torch M1 bike helmet is a good idea, and no, we’re not just saying that because it holds a light bulb over your head.  Not only does it have a padded, weatherproof CPSC certified polycarbonate shell, but also an integrated 500 lumen LED headlight.  Designed to eliminate the tangled mess of zip-ties, velcro and proprietary chargers that are expected on most bike lights, the M1 quickly unclips from the helmet and charges via USB.  The light has 4 brightness modes from pulsing to full power and lasts up to 8 hours a charge.

To keep you from going humpty-dumpty as you weave down that mountain downslope the M1 has a 30 degree beam of horizontal light, which covers more area than standard headlamps or single beam bike lights.  A rear facing taillight also keeps you visible to other riders and cars.

The M1 can currently be reserved for the early bird special of $99 at Torch’s Indiegogo page.


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