design moon phase calendar

Track the Lunar Year with this Moon Phase Calendar

For most people, their only awareness of the moon is when it’s full or about to eclipse the sun.  That’s really selling our cosmic neighbor short, as without it we would likely still be amoebas.

The Moon Calendar is a project designed to show not only the days of the month, but their corresponding lunar phase.  Each day depicts the current transition the moon is in, cycling from new, to waxing, full and then waning.

The designers used professional astronomy charts as reference and scaled it large enough to serve as some pretty dramatic wall art too.  The moon calendar appeals to astrology buffs as well, with each phase giving insight into your day.  In the designer’s words:

Understanding and utilizing the energy of the moon phases will help stabilize and improve your mood, keeping you grounded during all of the crazy transitions. It’s not simply a Calendar, it’s also a tool for your lifestyle.

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