anstand laptop stand

Antstand Portable Bamboo Laptop Stand

It’s said that the average head weighs around 10lbs.  A manageable amount of weight you might think… until you start hunching over a laptop.  The strain of looking down onto a screen has been estimated to increase the payload on your neck and shoulders up to 6x.  Laptop stands can help, but who wants to lug around an extra 5lbs of plastic?

Antstand plans on changing that with their collapsible bamboo laptop stand.bamboo laptop stand

The Anstand assembles in seconds to form a sturdy base that raises your laptop 8″ to be closer to eye-level. When not being used the pieces collapse apart and are thin enough to slide into a sleeve with your laptop.

Because the Antstand is made from Bamboo it weighs less than 8oz, which means it goes essentially unnoticed when carried.  The open sides let it support most laptops between 11″ and 15″, and the “X” shape allows plenty of airflow.



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