Solar planner

Be a Productivity God with this Solar Powered Planner

There’s one thing that successful people have in common.  Be they writers, musicians or billionaire CEOs, they all constantly take notes.  Note-taking helps the brain break down and process information, as well as commit it to memory and save for future use.

But these days, the only thing mightier than the pen is the microprocessor, and as any student can attest to, holding a pen in one hand and a phone in the other can get old fast.

German startup Goldfink has created the ultimate productivity tool with their solar powered planner and tablet case.  The cushy leather cover may look like a standard organizer from the outside, but inside is a modern mobile office.

Built in to the back of the planner is a solar panel that charges a hidden 8000mAh power bank.  The included protective hard shell case holds iPads or other tablets and clips securely into the binder.  When the battery runs low simply plug it into the power bank for charging.

In Goldfink’s own words:

Smartphones and tablets allow us to be flexible and active on the go. But sometimes digital devices are not enough. You dream, think, write and plan in an analog way. And sometimes you need to write something down on paper when you are on the go. Sometimes you need to pause and reflect, draw or scribble. So how do you combine digital and analog mobility? And how do you save energy on the go?

Beyond keeping your gadgets powered up, the solar planner also has the traditional features you’d look for, including slots for business cards and notes, a pen holder and dot-grid notepaper.

goldfink tablet case

The built in case allows the tablet to rotate inside the planner, or detach completely from the binder for better access.

When the sun isn’t shining, the power bank can also be charged via standard USB.  Embedded lights display the battery’s power levels with the press of a button (just like a MacBook Pro).

You can currently pre-order your own Solar Planner for a $220 pledge from Goldfink’s Kickstarter Page.


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