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Casamera True Egyptian Cotton Bath Towels

Egyptian cotton has a long-standing reputation as one of the softest, most luxurious fabrics in the world.  There’s just one problem.

The majority of items labeled “Egyptian Cotton” hardly have any at all.

Because of a gray-area in labeling requirements, many sheets and towels contain only a small fraction of real long-staple Egyptian cotton.

Long-staple Egyptian cotton (the good stuff) is only 0.5% of the cotton produced worldwide.  This makes it much rarer than most brands would have you believe through mislabeling.

Casamera is a new brand of genuine long-staple Egyptian cotton towels that plans on bringing back the benefits of pure cotton.

casamera kickstarter towel

Designed to be at least 25% larger than an average towel, Casamera has built their towels to absorb more water without taking forever to dry.  The ethically sourced cotton is naturally odor-resistant and much softer than blended cotton towels.

Dry off, then dry out

Casamera uses both sides of the towel to achieve high water absorption and fast drying times.  One side uses long-pile single yarn that manages the absorption and release of moisture.  The velvety-soft velour on the other side uses dense threads that increase the surface area.  This mean’s there are more water-absorbing loops per inch.

“If you’re hoping to drape yourself in what is really just a robe disguised as a towel, this is the set for you.”

Casamera’s Signature Collection is loomed at a high GSM of 750, which makes the fabric heavier than a typical towel and is designed to feel like a warm hug.

true egyptian cotton towel

Bathroom towels can carry a lot more bacteria than people think.  They often don’t have a chance to dry between uses and are made from materials that hold onto moisture.

Pure Egyptian cotton breathes more than blended materials, which helps Casamera towels dry faster and avoid moldy smells from forming.

Casamera is currently offering sets of face, hand and bath towels (plus enormous 40″ x 65″ bath sheets) in Pearl White or Moon Grey.  Early-bird orders are planned to ship in December.

Pre-order from $20 on Kickstarter


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