chopbox kickstarter cutting board

ChopBox is a Smart All-in-One Cutting Board from the Future

PREPARE YOURSELF… you’re about to feel massively disappointed in your current kitchen cutting board.

ChopBox is the cutting board for the 21st century, combining an impressive range of utilities in a familiar form. The 100% organic bamboo board does the work of 5 kitchen gadgets without adding extra bulk.

chopbox cutting board features

ChopBox features

The surface of the ChopBox is broken into three areas: a cutting surface, an embedded food scale, and a waterproof display with a built-in timer.

Following recipes to the ounce has never been easier when you can simply slide ingredients across the cutting board for instant measurements.

cutting board with built in scale

There are also 2 knife sharpeners built-in to the side of the ChopBox to keep your blades at their best.

cutting board with built in knife sharpener

To help minimize cross contamination, a second cutting surface slides out from the bottom of the ChopBox. An embedded UV-C light disinfects up to three knives and both cutting surfaces at once. One minute of exposure kills 99% of germs and bacteria.

With over $1 million in a raised in a week, ChopBox’s Kickstarter campaign has seen tremendous interest in their futuristic cutting board.

Early bird pricing is still available and orders are expected for delivery by December 2019.

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