horizon timepiece kickstarter watch review

Discreetly Check the Time with the Stealth Automatic Watch

Job interviews. First dates. Kid’s birthday parties. School recitals. What do they have in common? They’re all terrible places to be seen checking your watch.

Despite our scheduled-to-the-minute culture, openly checking your watch is seen as a universal symbol that you’d rather be somewhere else. No one wants to look rude (or be late) which is a problem a new Kickstarter campaign aims to solve.

The Stealth Automatic is the first watch from Horizon Timepiece that allows for discrete viewing from multiple angles. Besides the sapphire crystal analog face at the front, the watch has a small clock on the side that rotates almost like an egg timer around the case.

This allows for stealthy (and polite) glances at the side of your wrist without giving away you have other places to be.

discrete viewing watch

The rotary clock turns in a 12 hour format with each hour marked in 5 minute segments. Besides just offering a unique take on time-keeping, it’s nice to see clever innovations like this still being applied to mechanical watches.

The Stealth Automatic is available with black or white watch faces with silver or black stainless steel casing. The band is cowhide leather.

Early bird pledge levels are still available and you can currently pre-order a Stealth Automatic for $219, which is $95 off its future retail price.

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