Ghost smart backpack

The GHOST Smart Backpack – A Pickpocket’s Nightmare

When the pickpockets and thieves of the world break into a cold sweat, it’s probably because they’ve just seen a Ghost.  And no, not the Patrick Swayze kind.

The Ghost smart backpack is a modern, lightweight bag that has a few tricks up its zippers.  Besides holding your stuff, it’s also waterproof, shockproof, cut-proof and has a built in usb charger.ghost theft-proof, waterproof, tracking, unisex backpack

The first pickpocket deterrence is a lack of any outwardly accessible compartments.  A hidden zipper along the backside of the bag makes it so that the inner compartment can only be accessed when the backpack is off.  If the thief should try to sneakily slash through the bag to reach your belongings, they’ll be sorely disappointed.  The Ghost’s 7 layer fabric is cut-proof, along with its many other tricks, making blades look as useless as slide-rulers.  If your thief is of the more hacker variety, the Ghost also has built in RFID blocking pockets.

cut-proof backpack

All the cool features in the world aren’t a match against plain forgetfulness… unless of course you have a Ghost, which has a built in tracker that sends its last location to your phone should you lose it.  The system also works in reverse – if you’ve lost your phone, the bag will make it ring by pressing a button on the right sleeve.

Ghost reached their funding goal within only a few days and can currently be pre-ordered for the early bird special of $85.

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