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Heimdall Footwear – Shoes Worthy of a God

In Norse mythology, the god Heimdall is a bit of a badass.  According to legend, he requires less sleep than a bird. His eyesight is so keen that he can see for hundreds of miles by day or by night, and his hearing is so acute that he can hear grass growing on the ground and wool growing on sheep.

He lives at the end of a rainbow bridge keeping watch for the beginning of Ragnorak, where he’ll blow his mighty gjallarhorn signaling the end of days.  He’s also the son of nine mothers.

Not a bad set of skills, but his latest feat is inspiring a brand of beautiful, high quality hand-stitched footwear.

Heimdall Footwear aims to produce a series of slim, flexible, and lightweight dress shoes that allow you to move comfortably and look good anywhere.  Made by artisans in Indonesia, the shoes are hand stitched using a full grain leather upper and high quality Italian leather soles.

The shoes add an old-world charm to any outfit and look equally at place in board rooms and boardwalks.heimdall loki shoeskickstarter heimdall

Backers can get a pair of the Loki series for the early bird price of $149, or the Raider series for $185.  Check them out at Heimdall Footwear’s Kickstarter page.

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