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Ketalon ROHK Bolt-Action Pen

If there were ever a polar opposite for writing with a feather quill, this would be it. The ROHK pen from Australian company Ketalon is designed to be as tough as possible with plenty of features to write home about.

The thick, missile-inspired body is made from a thermoset polymer reinforced with glass fiber. This is the same material used in the aerospace and construction industries, where it’s known to outperform steel.

ketalon pen review

Ketalon has successfully funded multiple Kickstarter campaigns for their pens, with the ROHK in military green being their latest.

They’ve developed a cult following among professionals like cops, soldiers and paramedics who appreciate the pen’s sturdy build quality.

Built to last

To keep the ROHK as reliable as possible, they integrated a bolt-action release (yes, like a rifle). The fail-proof design is the pen’s only moving part and is next to impossible to trigger accidentally in a pocket.

Besides being waterproof and shockproof, the ROHK is also compact enough to slip in a pocket and use for every-day-carry.

Back it on Kickstarter

Early-bird rewards sold-out fast, but you can still get your hands on a ROHK pen for $28 on Kickstarter. Bundles are available at higher pledge levels, which lowers the price per-pen significantly.

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