krma click pen review

KRMA Click Titanium Ballpoint Pen

The pen is mightier than a sword is a simple adage created by Edward Bulwer-Lytton in 1839. While the basic meaning is that writing is a better tool of communication than fighting, is it actually true?

Could a pen literally, physically be mightier than a sword?

If that pen is the KRMA Click the answer would be a surprising yes. The secret lies in the solid grade 5 titanium the pen is machined from. Grade 5 titanium alloy is so dependably strong it’s the go-to material for engine components, aerospace parts and more.

Swords on the other hand never made it past traditional steel technology. The ultimate tensile strength (or stress before fracture) of low carbon steel is around 72,518 PSI. Pretty tough stuff, but it’s nothing compared to titanium’s 169,694 PSI.

That makes a titanium pen like the KRMA Click more than twice as strong as the average Katana or Ssangsudo!

Besides that fun bit of trivia, the pen is also super lightweight at just 1.1 oz, plus it’s compatible with a variety of popular ink refills.

Four finishes to choose from

The KRMA Click’s all metal body is available in four distinct finishes including,

  • Polished titanium
  • Stone washed (our personal favorite)
  • Black
  • Gun metal

The pen features three rubberized O-rings that fit in grooves along the grip. Each pen includes both red and black rings, making it possible to customize the look of the pen. The KRMA Click is preloaded with the excellent Schmidt Easy Flow 9000, but is also compatible with other popular Parker Style refills.

How to back the KRMA Click

If you’d like to feel fully equipped for both note-taking and spontaneous sword fights, you can currently pre-order a KRMA Click from their Kickstarter page. For the first three days of the campaign you can get the pen at the discounted price of $79 in your choice of finish.

Orders are estimated to deliver August 2022.

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