tucker shirt stay review

Lock your Shirt in Place with the Tucker Shirt-Stay

For whatever reason, a crisp, tucked in shirt is expected for anyone to be taken seriously in our culture.  Everyone from lawyers, cops, bankers and bellhops are required to stuff their shirts into their pants and strap a belt on.

There’s a problem though… Our arms.

All it takes is a raise of an arm or a shrug of a shoulder to pull a shirt out of its carefully tucked state, resulting in a wrinkled disaster cascading around your waist.

That’s one sharp looking mother-tucker

Luckily, an ingenious accessory from Kickstarter is here to save your shirt.

Tucker is a thin, high-quality shirt stay for men and women.  Worn like a second belt, the product locks onto the last button of your shirt with a hook.  Then the elastic band wraps around your waist, holding the shirt in place with Nubuck grips.  The tab attaches to the locking hook and keeps the belt securely fitted.

That’s tucking amazing!

The Tucker shirt stay succeeded in reaching their funding goal and will be available soon.  Learn more and reserve one at their website.

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