Luna flashlight kickstarter review

LUNA – Super Small Waterproof Titanium Flashlight

LUNA is a quarter-sized flashlight that not only shines a light when you need it, but is damn-near indestructible too.  Tooled from grade 2 titanium, LUNA measures around 1″ in length and the included keychain makes it a cinch (literally) to make it part of your everyday carry.

luna flashlight

Despite its size, LUNA shows some serious Chuck-Norris-level toughness.

The solid titanium body is both waterproof and strong enough to withstand a direct blow from a hammer (as shown below).

luna waterproof flashlight

To keep the flashlight strong, LUNA’s patent pending design removes the need for tiny buttons that would normally require holes being drilled through the body.  Instead, you twist the two-piece design to switch the light on or off.

The flashlight uses a standard 25 lumen LED, or for an extra $2 you can upgrade to the 87 lumen SMD LED model.  

LUNA has surpassed their $999 funding goal by almost 10x and has nearly unlocked their final stretch goal.  LUNA Colors add red, black and blue to the color options and is available after they hit $10k.

Pre-orders are scheduled to ship out March 2019.

Pre-order from $20 on Kickstarter
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