MESHED – The AI powered robotic massage chair

There are a lot of different ways for people to flaunt their wealth.

Some might drive flashy cars and have big houses. Others might take luxury vacations around the world. But if they’re really loaded, they’ll have a trained masseuse on call, ready to rub away their aches and pains anytime, anywhere.

Bentleys and first class flights are perfectly nice, but if you’ve ever suffered through back pain, it’s that personal masseuse that really makes you envy the 1%.

Luckily, there’s a new device that reproduces the movements of the world’s best massage therapists in your own home. No oil residue, smalltalk or bloated bank account required.

Your on-demand masseuse

Plunk your weary spine down onto Meshed and you’ll be treated to a full back massage completely tailored for your personal needs. The device opens almost like a compact beach lounger and can be used sitting or lying down. Behind the sleek “mesh” fabric are two articulated massage tools designed to mimic the effect of a therapist’s palms and fingers.

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Through their partnership with the London School of Massage, those “mechanical hands” have been programmed to perform a wide range of techniques including Swedish, shiatsu, deep tissue and more.

When your session is over, Meshed folds flat enough to store under a sofa or bed.

Control with your phone or voice

The real magic behind Meshed happens with their paired app. Users can control every facet of their massage including:

  • Duration
  • Level of pressure
  • Area to focus on or avoid

As you use the device over time, Meshed learns about your preferences and can offer repeats of past massages, inch for inch. Even the best human masseuses aren’t that good.

The app also recognizes voice commands, so saying something like “give me a 15 min deep tissue massage on my shoulders” will activate the process as conveniently as possible.

How to get Meshed

If you’re ready to feel what it’s like to have a massage therapist answer your every beck and call, you can currently score an exclusive 45% discount on Meshed by signing up for their early access list. That secures you a spot for their lowest price when their Kickstarter campaign launches this November.

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