QuietOn Sleep – The Noise Cancelling Earbuds

They say that the average person will spend 30 years of their life sleeping.  That’s 30 years that should be a peaceful time of rest, recuperation and healing.  However, for millions of people their nights are bombarded with loud neighbors, barking dogs, trains, traffic noise and the worst offender… a snoring partner.

Finnish tech company QuietOn aims to help restore the blissful sleep of our childhoods with their newest product, the QuietOn Sleep.

QuietOn Sleep noise cancelling earbuds


QuietOn Sleep is a noise cancelling earplug designed to be comfortably worn throughout the night and block out sounds that would keep you awake.   It does this by combining the advantages of in-ear passive earplugs with active noise cancellation, providing noise reduction across the audible spectrum, but especially low frequencies (i.e snoring and noises coming through walls).

QuietOn Sleep vs foam earbuds

Unlike other noise cancelling earbuds that use a microphone to sample audio outside the ear, the QuietOn Sleep samples the sound inside the ear canal itself.  By directing the microphone in the ear canal, this helps target the noise exactly as it will be picked up by the ear drum.



It’s easy to imagine that an in-ear earbud could be uncomfortable to sleep with, but this is what makes QuietOn unique.  While other brands focus on noise cancelling as an afterthought or for music playback, QuietOn earbuds are made exclusively for noise cancelling.  This means they can leave out the bluetooth radios and larger speakers, creating a much smaller device.  The reduced size along with soft cushions around the earplugs and multiple tips keep the QuietOn Sleep comfortable enough to sleep with, even on your side.

QuietOn Sleep Price

Battery Life

QuietOn Sleep comes in a storage container that also serves as a charging station via micro USB.  Despite their tiny size, a full charge lasts around 20 hours – good enough for 3 nights of sleep.

QuietOn Sleep charger



QuietOn Sleep Price

A good night’s sleep is priceless, but you can currently pre-order the QuietOn Sleep through their website or Indiegogo page for $159.  Orders are expected to ship October 2018.


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