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The Belt that Locks in Place – Belfunk

Some people don’t need to wear belts.  Maybe every pair of pants they own fits perfectly, like magic.  Maybe elastic and drawstrings are all they know in the world.  Maybe they just let their pants sag.

For those of you in this group, let me tell you a secret about belts.  They move.

They can slip around inside the belt loops and even get caught above or below the button of your pants.  Sometimes at the end of the day you find the buckle somehow floating over your hip.  People don’t like this, but it’s tolerated as there’s really no better way to hold your pants up in formal attire.  At least until Instagram decides suspenders are back in style.

Belfunk is a slick new belt brand that stops belt slippage once and for all.

The secret is the innovative “thorn” that latches onto the button of your pants.  This keeps the buckle squarely centered on the waistband and stops any slipping.

Besides the novelty of the buckle, Belfunk makes a solid and classically styled belt built for everyday wear.  Their full-grain leather comes in black, dark brown and mid brown.  The buckle itself is made from stainless steel and is available in brushed and polished varieties.

The buckle has a screwed axel which allows you to swap it with any other leather strap of the right width.

Belfunk’s Kickstarter video has some impressive effects and shows exactly how the belt works:

Pre-order for $101 on Kickstarter
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