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The Safest Sheets in the World – Aizome Bedding

It often feels like the majority of products produced don’t exactly have our best interests at heart.  From synthetic materials that contain known toxins, to manufacturing processes that poison our environment, it’s easy to become suspicious of what’s sold to us.

Where did it come from?  Who made it, and what are the ingredients?

When you find something that is safe for both you and the world at large, you tend to hang on to it.

That’s the case with Aizome Bedding, a Japanese startup that makes organic cotton sheets with zero synthetic chemicals.

aizome bedding set kickstarter

The name Aizome comes from the Japanese word for “Indigo dyeing”.  While typical textile manufacturing employs an array of hazardous chemicals to bond artificial dyes to synthetic fabric, Aizome uses a different approach.

They start with organic cotton, which is naturally anti-microbial and hypoallergenic.  Then they use sonic wave technology to create microscopic bubbles that project indigo molecules at high velocity into the yarn.  This creates a super strong connection that lasts for over 500 wash cycles.   If you wash your bedding twice a month, that equates to 20 years.

Since zippers and elastic bands wouldn’t have a chance of lasting that long, Aizome uses cloth ribbons and drawstrings on their pillowcases and fitted sheets.

The power of indigo

Using real indigo plants does more than just turn things blue.  The active ingredients in indigo (tyrptanthrin and isatin) have shown to have positive effects on inflammation.

Samurai made use of indigo-dyed clothing beneath their armor, as it had a reputation for protecting wounds from infection.

Natural indigo also has no negative environmental impact during the manufacturing process.  Aizome’s wastewater is recycled back as fertilizer.

aizome bedding review


Non-toxic sleep

Considering we spend about a third of our lives encased in bedding, the chemicals used by typical textile mills are astounding.  The chart below from Aizome shows the kind of bedfellows we didn’t know we were sleeping with.aizome non-toxic bedding

Aizome has exceeded their funding goal and pre-orders are scheduled to ship February 2019.

Their complete set includes 2 pillowcases, a top sheet, bottom sheet and duvet cover, which can be pre-ordered with a $339 pledge.

Pre-order from $38 on Kickstarter
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