torista bottle review

The Torista Reusable Bottle is Bringing Style to Stainless Steel

If you think about it, reusable bottles are about more than just reducing plastic – they’re a kind of personal statement. A fashion accessory that serves as an outlet for your self expression as well as nourishing your body.

But if you want a bottle that truly exemplifies style and sophistication, you can do no better than pure stainless steel. It never goes out of fashion, looks somehow futuristic AND retro, plus it’s ever so pretty in the light.

That’s exactly what brought our attention to the Torista bottle, a sleek and modern stainless steel bottle that’s good at both carrying drinks, and looking good carried.

The power of steel

Besides looking like it was sculpted from the chrome bodywork of a 1959 Corvette, there are several practical benefits to Torista’s stainless steel body. Durability is the first, with the brand stating the bottle is designed to withstand drops and falls without breaking or denting.

Stainless steel also prevents those dreaded lingering odors and tastes that can invade other reusable bottles. No residual coffee taste mixing with your green smoothie here.

Torista uses 304 food grade stainless steel, which is not only visibly smooth, but smooth at the microscopic level too. It’s been proven to prevent bacteria growth since the lack of surface porosity means there’s nowhere for germs to hide and multiply.

Insulates hot or cold drinks

The Torista bottle uses double wall insulation, the gold standard when it comes to maintaining liquid temperatures. Whether it’s an icy green tea frappuccino or piping hot macchiato, Torista’s insulation can keep beverages cold for up to 10 hours, and hot for up to 5.

How to back the Torista bottle

If you’d like to help bring the Torista bottle to life, you can currently support the campaign with a super early bird pledge of $38 which scores you one bottle. If fully funded, perks are estimated to ship December 2022.

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