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xScreen – The Integrated Folding Screen for the Xbox Series S

If you’re old enough to remember the days of wired gaming controllers, you’ll remember the unfettered freedom their wireless counterparts were supposed to deliver. The range of movement, convenience and liberation from cables would change gaming forever!

Except that wasn’t quite true.

While the controller may have lost the cord, the console itself was still very much dependent on a certain accessory… the television. Despite exponential improvement in the platforms and games, console gamers were just as chained to their 60″ 4k TV as their parent’s generation was to their 19″ Zenith.

However, true gaming freedom might be just around the corner… A new Kickstarter campaign called the xScreen promises to turn any Xbox Series S into a portable gaming hub thanks to an integrated folding screen and cable-free design.

No TVs required. 📺

Have Xbox, will travel

The xScreen takes advantage of the boxy design of the Xbox Series S by aligning perfectly with the console’s USB and HDMI ports. Its flush fit matches the exact dimensions of the Xbox with a design that looks like it came straight from Microsoft.

When not in use, the xScreen folds flat against the top of the Xbox, just like a laptop. When it’s time to check the goings on in Minecraft, the 11.6″ 1080p 60hz screen flips up and is ready to use. No extra software or boot times required.

Built-in stereo speakers are also present, along with buttons for volume, brightness and other screen settings.

The kit is small enough to easily fit in a backpack, bringing a whole new world of portability to the Xbox.

The xScreen is ideal for in-person multiplayer

You may have noticed that over the past couple decades, game studios have shifted away from split-screen style multiplayer to online multiplayer. While this means there’s almost always someone to play with, it can be frustrating when that person is right next to you and can’t share the same console.

With the xScreen, it becomes possible to play games like Apex or League of Legends together in person. Whether that arrangement means one person on the TV and another on the xScreen, or even multiple xScreens, all your banter and trash talk can finally be said face-to-face. 😉

Does the xScreen have a battery?

UPspec Gaming, the brand behind xScreen, chose not to include an onboard battery for a few key reasons. 1: there wouldn’t have been room in the xScreen while keeping it a laptop form factor. 2: the Xbox Series S doesn’t have the power management designed for a battery. Even with the largest FAA allowable battery, the console only lasts about 40min.

That’s why the rear of the device has a pass-through area to access the power and storage expansion slot of the console. When you consider the proliferation of outlets, including the growing number found in vehicles, there are still plenty of places to play.

How to order the xScreen

If you’re ready to have a laptop-type gaming experience with console-level power, the xScreen is available to pre-order from their Kickstarter page. A $195 early bird pledge gets you one xScreen with exclusive “Kickstarter Green” latches.

Delivery is estimated for January 2022.

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