zerpico titan sunglasses review

Zerpico Titan Sunglasses Let You Change Lenses on The Go

We’re going to share a little secret about the history of CoolBacker. Before the site launched we went through several different mockups for the logo. Picking a logo for a fledgling brand is no easy task, especially one that’s supposed to feel “cool”. One of the options presented was the word coolbacker with the ‘o’s replaced with an icon of sunglasses.

Why sunglasses?

Because they’re pretty much the epitome of “cool”. While we ended up choosing a different, slightly more legible logo, sunglasses remain as the ultimate icon of hip, imperturbable chicness across time and space.

That’s why we couldn’t pass up the latest Titan sunglasses from Zerpico. Their sleek designs, cutting edge materials and swappable lenses work together to make anyone look a little cooler.

Titanium frames

If there was any material on the opposite end of the spectrum from plastic, it would be titanium. It’s strong, light, durable and more than up the to job of holding your sunglasses on your head. Even the German-made OBE hinges are titanium – these things are called TITAN for a reason.

zerpico titan wayfarer

Zerpico uses ion plating to add another layer of protective coating over each pair of frames. Backers can choose between gun metal gray and black, or if you’re feeling particularly bold…24k gold plating.

Swappable lenses

While many sunglasses might have replaceable lenses, actually swapping them out is easier said than done. With the Titan sunglasses, both the frames and lenses are designed to be switched out in seconds without any special tools.

A small notch along the nosepiece appears to allow the lenses to click into the frames. No more bending them into a tight bezel and hoping they don’t pop back out.

To make the most of this design, Zerpico is offering 10 different lenses for each style of Titan sunglasses:

  • Gray
  • Brown
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Photochromic
  • Computer/gaming

Three styles to pick from

This is Zerpico’s third generation of Titan sunglasses, which fittingly offers three styles of lens-swapping titanium shades. There’s the classic aviator style, modern wayfarer shape and for those looking for something a little different – round.

zerpico titan sunglasses frame options

How to order Zerpico Titan sunglasses

Zerpico has already soared past their funding goal with their latest generation of Titan sunglasses. With 26 days left to go, there’s still time to lock in a pair at the early backer price of $101. At the end of the campaign backers will be able to choose their choice of frame style and color, as well as lens type.

Orders are estimated to deliver September 2021.