Avionics Handcrafted Retro Electric Bike

The Avionics V1 seems to have ridden right out of an alternate universe where electric engines caught on in the 1930s and never went away.  The Polish built e-bike is a true throwback to the peak of craftsmanship, making use of only natural materials and oozing style.

In Avionics words their design is an “Absolute fusion of nature and engineering powered by electricity”

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The bike doesn’t use any plastic, rubber or cables, instead using an openwork steel frame with a one-of-a-kind suspended wooden saddle.  All the wood Avionics uses comes from the Jatoba tree, which due to its processing leaves each bike with a unique grain and color, while also having a tensile strength close to that of steel.

At the center of the V1 is a wooden chest with leather bumper belts.  While it looks designed to carry your belongings on a train voyage, it’s actually the heart of the bike’s electronics.  Inside the waterproof and dust resistant chest is the 24.0 lithium ion battery guarded by a built in immobilizer, along with a USB port for charging other devices.

Avionics V1 Specs

  • The chrome plated led headlight gives the V1 its signature vintage look from a mile away and the 1000 lumen LEDs help you see just as far.
  • The battery has a max speed of 36mph
  • Max range is 75 miles in Street Mode.
  • The huge 203mm regenerative disc brakes restore some energy during braking, just like a Tesla.

Pre-orders begin in September, but you can sign up to access Avionics launch-day deal on their website.

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