njori tempo induction cooker review

Njori Tempo Precision Smart Cooker

If you think about it, cooktops aren’t exactly precision instruments. While you can punch some very specific temperatures into a standard oven, the stove is left with only those little knobs and your own judgement.

Maybe the flame is medium-high, maybe it isn’t. The only way to know is to keep adjusting the little knob and hope for the best.

In 2021, you might expect there to be some modern gadgetry that could help the cooktop become a bit more precise. The Njori Tempo is just the modern gadgetry for the job – a smart induction cooker that enables you to measure, monitor and regulate temperature to compose perfect meals, every time.

Become a kitchen control freak

When you go to a nice restaurant, part of what makes the food so good is the consistency the chefs are able cook with. They know exactly the temperature, time and portions to use without any guesswork or deviations. With the Njori Tempo, you get access to the same precision cooking usually only found in a commercial kitchen.

njori tempo features

Precise temperature control

An included probe clips along the edge of any pot or pan and sends real-time temperatures back to the Tempo. This allows the onboard computer to adjust the output to the induction cooker, maintaining the temperature for perfectly even cooking. Built-in deep-fry and slow cook modes also use the probe to analyze the contents of the pan and raise or lower the heat automatically.

The sous-vide mode uses an included water circulator and the probe together to convert a pot into a slow-cooking water bath.

Built in scales

The Tempo also features built-in scales that digitally measure ingredients before and during cooking. If you’re into making sauces or reductions, the scale will prove quite handy with reduce-by-weight functions too.

A cooker that fits on a bookshelf

According to Njori’s campaign page, the Tempo is designed to compliment your everyday cooktop, rather than replace it. To tuck away when not in use, the Tempo fits inside its cork base, which also holds the accessories. This makes the whole kit about the same size as a couple of cookbooks.

But what about the knob?

Ah yes, we can’t forget about the knob. Who could prepare a meal without twisting at least one good knob? Thankfully, the Njori Tempo has one of the absolute coolest input tools we’ve ever seen…

njori temp magnetic dial

A sleek, magnetic dial attaches seamlessly over the glass – like magic. Twisting the dial controls the pan temperature and also works as an interface device for other settings and menus.

How to order the Njori Tempo

You can currently pre-order a Njori Tempo from their Kickstarter page for the special price of $451. Considering the closest competitor is Breville’s $1,500 Control Freak cooker, the Tempo is quite a bargain.

The campaign has already surpassed its initial funding goal by more than $100,000 and still has over a week to go. Delivery of pre-orders is estimated for February 2022.

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