submerge waterproof wallet review

Submerge Wearable Waterproof Wallet & Cardholder

The jig is up. You weren’t fooling anyone by hiding your wallet under your towel at the beach. While you frolicked in the surf, your credit cards, cash, ID and yes, even car keys were lying exposed and vulnerable. No one wants to walk back from the shore to find $800 in gift card purchases and their car stolen.

So what’s a beach-goer to do with their non-waterproof essentials? Make them waterproof thanks to a new Kickstarter project that could mean the end of makeshift sand-stashes everywhere.

The Submerge brand is offering a line of waterproof wallets that not only keep your gear dry, but highly accessible too.

“Traditional wallets aren’t designed to be carried in the ocean or exposed to the elements –
Submerge is. Whether you’re out in the water or up a mountain peak, there are some things
that just can’t be left behind.”

-Ronan Finnegan, founder at Submerge

Submerge cardholder

The Submerge wallet consists of two parts: the cardholder and the waterproof pouch. This makes it both versatile and practical as each unit can be used separately or together.

The cardholder is impressively slim with dimensions only slightly larger than a standard credit card. Made from high quality elastic and faux suede, the Submerge card holder holds up to 10 cards across three divided sections. There are also two hidden pockets for notes, coins and keys.

Submerge waterproof wallet

When the water beckons, the cardholder fits snugly into the larger envelope of the Submerge wallet. This slim and discreet pouch uses an airtight zipper and waterproof TPU materials to keep its contents dry in depths of up to 3 meters (9.8ft).

Another perk is that the Submerge wallet is just about impossible to lose thanks to its double-locking Velcro arm strap. The wallet can also be attached to a carabiner and worn on a belt loop, or using the optional waist strap.

A portable waterproof pouch has its uses outside of carrying cash and credit cards. Things like maps, digital fobs and, of course, car keys fit too.

Does it fit a smartphone? Unless you’re rocking a vintage flip phone, the wallet isn’t big enough to fit a smartphone. But don’t worry – Submerge does state they have a dedicated waterproof phone holder in the works.

Where to buy Submerge wallets

If you’re ready to hit the waves with your essentials in tow, the Submerge wallet is currently available to order from their Kickstarter campaign. A $55 early backer pledge scores both the cardholder and wallet combo. If you’d rather have just the cardholder or waterproof pouch, those can be ordered separately from $35 and $45 respectively.

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