Uno Bolt Electric Unicycle

If Batman had some spare time and a unicycle lying around the Uno Bolt would be the end result.  Built on a military grade steel chassis, the Uno Bolt is the first unicycle that doesn’t require years of practice and arm waving to operate.  The key is the built in gyroscope that constantly adjusts to compensate for the riders center of gravity.  This allows the rider to simply mount it like a scooter and let the Uno do all the balancing.

A throttle on the handlebar controls the Uno’s speed, and turning is accomplished by leaning in the direction you want to go.  The huge 10″ wide all terrain tire offers enough girth to help you stabilize and helps eat up potholes and other bumps. The built in battery charges within 45 minutes and has a 25 mile range with a top speed of 22mph.  Not bad for a unicycle.

The Uno Bolt also has things you would expect on a more traditional scooter, like a 1000 lumen headlight, LED display, cell foam neoprene seat and rubberized foot rests.  Two aluminum parking stands fold out from the seat when the Uno is off and let it rest on its back.

The Uno Bolt can currently be pre-ordered from their Kickstarter page with a $999 pledge.